‘Science nerd’ joins faculty

Isabella Ferrell
Contributing Writer

Science teacher Kaleigh Curran stands in front of her classroom after an experiment. Photo by Isabella Ferrell

Harry Potter enthusiast, science nerd and science teacher Kaleigh Curran has joined the teaching staff to teach biology and conceptual chemistry in room 384.

Curran is originally from Bloomington, IL, and later ended up in St.Louis due to her and her husband’s careers.

After only three years of being in St.Louis, Curran has worked in three different science positions.  She started working at Children’s Hospital working as a medical lab scientist and taught children. Then she moved to Kirkwood High School due to the high stress and long hours at Children’s. There she worked as part of the support staff for the science department. From Children’s, she came to Webster Groves High school.

About what element of learning she focuses on most, Curran said, “Even if you feel that science is not your best subject, you are still capable of learning how it works.”

Curran came to WGHS because of how welcoming she felt the community was. She is most excited to see how Webster does Turkey Day, since she had previously being working at Kirkwood High School.  


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