Trampe elected STUCO president

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“It’s really hard to believe we (Trampe and vice president elect Ellie Oliphant) won.” STUDCO president elect Evelyn Trampe said. Photo from WGHS

After weeks of campaigning, junior Evelyn Trampe was elected student council president.

Before assuming her position as president, she first served as class vice president, then historian, and most of her junior year as school vice president.

“[Trampe] has been very good at this since she was a freshman in high school,” Kristin Cole, student council advisor, said. “As a freshman, she was very driven and had a lot of new ideas and just has been very consistent all of her years here.”

“This year, you could find me at most every single one of our student council events or volunteering for more work,” Trampe said. “For example, for the homecoming dance this year, I fought for some more decorations.”

“I haggled moms on the Community Connect for cardboard boxes, bartered with the party city employees for a steal on balloons, worked outside in the dead of winter on a 10-meter-long banner until 3 a.m. for three nights in a row, cut and covered refrigerator boxes to look like buildings, and helped put my family Christmas lights up around Roberts gym,” Trampe said.

“Evelyn is very good at delegating when she needs a task to be completed,” Cole said. “She’s pretty calm, cool, and collected, just a very confident person that’s just really easy to work with.”

Trampe strives to do more as president.

“There are still many other things that I would love for student council to do. I think that we should have bigger theme dances, homecoming week—I want to get back to STUCO’s roots with decorations for these events,” Trampe said.

“Webster’s student life and student activities should be planned by students, which is why I really hope I can help work towards the students getting more control when planning dances, assemblies, and spirit weeks,” Trampe said.

“Currently students only have to go to three meetings to become a member, which isn’t the best because students will go to three meetings, become a member and never come back. I would like to make the membership process more of a process,” Trampe said. “I would like for there to be more opportunities for students to get involved in student council by having more service projects, fundraisers and bonding activities.”

“I would love to incorporate Red Ribbon Week into the school year,” Trampe said. “Red Ribbon Week is an alcohol, tobacco, and other drug and violence prevention campaign, and I would also love to help make our student council an Honor Council (the highest honor that Missouri Association of Student Councils bestows).”

In addition to student council, Trampe runs cross country and track, writes for the ECHO, volunteers with the interact club and is a member of DECA.

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