Dr. Matthew Irvin to become principal

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Dr. Matthew Irvin was the Kirkwood Varsity football head coach from 2010-15. Photo by Kevin Campbell/Kirkwood

Dr. Matthew Irvin will become the new principal for the 2018-19 school year.

Irvin said he wants to be principal to have “an impact on a larger scale.”

Irvin is currently the associate principal of Lafayette High School of the Rockwood School District. Irvin has also been a grade-level principal at the Lindbergh High School.

Irvin’s also taught social studies and P.E. at Kirkwood High School and New Trier High School in Winnetka as well as social studies at Mary Institute and Saint Louis Country Day School.

Irvin said, “Helping make students thrive” is the most important part of high school, and that would require a different approach for each student.

“I am confident that he is the right leader at the right time to move Webster Groves High School forward and into the future,” superintendent John Simpson said.

Irvin earned a doctorate in education from Lindenwood University in fall of 2016. He also previously received degrees from Missouri State University and University of Missouri-St. Louis.

Irvin got his principal certification from UMSL in 2015, which will expire in 2021.

To-be principal Dr. Matthew Irvin have worked in education for 25 years. Photo from Cathy Vespereny

Irvin said one of the jobs of the school is “to help student to become engaged citizens.”

In the past year, students have walked out twice. Irvin said students and administration “should have a conversation before any political action” during school.

The final decision was made the night of April 23.

The process of choosing the principal started with filling out a WGSD application online. Then candidates had to describe their perfect high school in no more than 250 words.

Then, there was panels, performance events and several interviews. The closing date for accepting applications was March 19. Irvin was chosen of 28 applicants to become principal.

On Feb. 13, principal Jon Clark announced he will retire on July 1.

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