Ellie’s Expression: Students should stop parking without passes

Eleanor Marshall
Opinion Columnist

A car will be towed if it continues to be parked without a parking pass. Photo by Ashli Wagner

Juniors and seniors are allowed to purchase a parking pass, permitting them to park in the lots. Juniors share with a partner, and seniors get their own.

Seems like a perfect system, right?

Well, it’s not. People without parking passes are parking in the lots, taking the places of people who paid money ($50 to be exact) for the convenience to park there for the year. This is extremely unfair.

“Once I came to school, and there were no spots. I was late because I was at the doctor not because I was just late or anything,” junior Kate Booth said.

“I have to park really far away when I come back from appointments because there are cars without passes in the closer spots. When I come back from lunch, sometimes I can only find one parking spot,” junior Meredith Rorie said.

The school does all it can to prevent illegal parking.

“I keep a violation log by recording the license plates,” administrative assistant Gayna Winkelmann said. “Students get a couple of warnings, but if they continue to park, we will put a sticker on their car. If it doesn’t stop after that, the car is towed.”

This idea is great, but people are still parking.

Booth came up with an alternate plan.

“I think there should be assigned parking spaces so you know for sure if someone’s parked in the lot without a pass,” Booth said.

Whether policy becomes more strict or not, people without passes should stop parking in the lots. It’s disrespectful, and they take up extra space that the lots don’t have.

If you don’t have a pass, do the right thing and park on the street instead.

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