Frazier from the Field: Men’s basketball travels to tournaments

Greg Frazier
Sports Columnist

Senior Carte’Are Gordon goes for a lay up while three Marquette players try to stop him on Thursday, Jan. 4, in Roberts Gym. Webster won 73-43.

Traveling is usually associated with vacationing, but the men’s basketball players are not vacationing, they’re competing.

Before traveling to Memphis, TN, Webster had already won against Maplewood (74-62), Lee’s Summit North (63-43) and Northwest Academy (54-47). Webster was 3-0 going up against No. 3 ranked high school team in the nation Memphis East (TN.). The Statesmen were only ranked 13.
The game was streamed on ESPN 2. The expectations were high for Webster to perform, but without senior Courtney Ramey who was out because of a injured wrist, the team was incomplete. The game ended 45-80 Memphis East.

Webster came back home to play against Fern Creek, KY, in Robert’s Gym. The Statesmen proceeded still with Ramey out. Webster lost 34-52. Two days after the loss, they experienced another loss in Florida at the Suncoast Credit Union Arena against Hudson Catholic High (52-84). Webster would lose one more match against Mountain Brook (59-73) before being able to break it’s four loss streak against Canterbury (60-51).

Finished with Florida, Statesmen hosted Marquette on Jan. 4, in Webster. The game was opening night for Ramey. Senior SLU commit Carte’Are Gordon and Ramey layed down a combined 37 points. 15 Ramey, 22 Gordon. The Statesmen stepped over Marquette (73-43). Webster visited Wheeler, Georgia at Wheeling Jesuit University. After a four-loss streak came a flip flopped four-win streak, they defeated Wheeler 75-62.

Traveling back to Missouri but in a different city, Jefferson City, to play Christ the Child HS (NY), at the JQH Arena (64-45). After a swift win, Webster was preparing for it’s biggest opponent since Memphis East in Tennessee, Oak Hill Academy. Oak Hill Academy (26-0) was the No. 2 team in the nation according to the USA Today Super 25. They’d meet in the semi finals on Jan. 12.

Unfortunately for the Statesmen, the result was the same as before, a loss for Webster (62-73). Following the Oak Hill loss, Webster would play Brentwood Academy on Jan. 13, for the third place title in the JQH competition. Back-to-back losses for the Statesmen as Brentwood Academy score three points moreover Webster. The result was 60-63.

For Webster’s final destination, it reached Springfield, MA, to play against Mount Vernon (NY). Ramey and Gordon paired up again to drop a combined 57 points out of the highest scored game so far 90. The end result was Webster 90, Mount Vernon 75.

Head coach Jay Blossom said, “It (traveling) was tiring but an unbelievable experience for the boys. A lot of them have never been on an airplane or seen the ocean when we went to Florida (Dec. 21 – 23). We’re still not done though. We have some big teams to face, Vianney and CBC.”

Blossom is right. Vianney is looking like Webster’s biggest adversary. It upset Chaminade (61-53) and have a redoubtable lineup. Vianney’s Colin Braun averages 20 plus points per game. Vianney’s C.J. Paul with Vianney’s Josh Kleinheider both have 10 points plus averages too. Vianney is a force that the Statesmen should encounter cautiously.

The rest of the season is comprised of regular season games. Webster’s record is 12-6.

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