Mini cheerleaders perform at halftime

Eleanor Marshall
Podcast Editor

Mini-cheerleaders perform at a home football game in 2016.  On Jan. 25, elementary cheerleaders performed for the home basketball audience.  Photo by Elise Keller

It’s a regular women’s Varsity basketball game. The players are filled with adrenaline and covered in sweat. The fans are anxiously watching.

The buzzer goes off signaling half time. It’s time for the cheerleaders to take the players’ place on court.

However, it’s not just the cheerleaders. They are accompanied by around 75 elementary school children.

On Jan. 25, the WGHS elementary school children learned cheers, jumps, and songs from the WGHS cheerleaders.

“We teach them four or five cheers so that they can cheer with us during the game or perform for halftime,” senior Sophie Crank said.

“We also do little fun games like ‘little Sally Walker,’” junior Lily Partridge said.

Although it’s a lot of work, the cheerleaders enjoy running mini camp.

Junior Charlotte Marshall said, ” I enjoy getting to work with kids and teaching a new generation of cheerleaders how to do something I love.”

“It’s super fun to see all the little kids get excited because they get to cheer with the big high school cheerleaders. It really just makes me happy to see little kids enjoying cheer and having a fun time with their friends while their still young,” Crank said.

“I like seeing the little girls faces when they get to perform in front of people. They get so excited and it’s so cute,” said sophomore Abby Moehlman.

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