Review: Book sheds light on social justice issues

Ethan Weihl
Contributing Writer

“The Hate U Give” is the debut novel by author Angie Thomas.

“The Hate U Give” is the debut novel of Angie Thomas. The book brings up relevant social justice issues in America, like racism, police brutality, classism and others.

The book follows the story of Starr Carter. Starr is a typical 16 year-old girl from Garden Heights, a poor suburb. After leaving a party with her friend Khalil, the pair are pulled over by a police officer. Khalil is asked to exit the car, which he does. Khalil asks Starr if she is okay and is then shot by the officer. The rest of the story follows how Starr deals with the loss of her friend and the national attention the shooting draws.

Thomas brings up many important social justice issues in “The Hate U Give.”   Starr goes to Williamson Prep, a private school in the suburbs. This creates an interesting dynamic between the two personalities Starr has to juggle. Starr also has a white boyfriend, Chris, which also adds an interesting level of complexity. However, the most interesting wrench thrown in the mix is the fact that Starr’s uncle is a detective and a coworker of the officer who killed Khalil.

Overall, “The Hate U Give” is an extremely compelling, timely, and exciting story that, besides being a well-written story, also brings up many important discussions that are becoming ever more relevant in this day and age. There are some fairly graphic descriptions of certain scenes, so it is not for the feint of heart, but it is suitable for most high schoolers.

The book is 464 pages, costs $13.49 and is published by HarperCollins Publishers.

“The Hate U Give” will most likely go on many people’s must-read lists, and the book definitely deserves a read.


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