Athlete breaks softball hitting record

Rosa Parks
Feature Editor

Grace Behrle, September Athlete of the Month, has played softball since she was six years old. In her senior year, she broke a softball record.

Behrle’s main position in softball is 1B. 1B, also known as first baseman, is the position that covers the area of the field around first base.

She broke the school’s record of 47 hits in one season, by just one more-48. Behrle also hit 81 bases this season, beating the previous record by nine. About 45 percent of Behrle’s hits turned out to be doubles, triples or home runs.

Grace Behrle runs from first to second base during a District semifinal game. The Webster Varsity softball team won the semifinal, but lost the District final.

About Behrle’s success, Coach Bryan Gibson said, “The coaches wish we could take some credit for Grace’s hitting, but I think it’s about 99.5 percent her hard work and understanding of the game. She doesn’t have a particular ‘normal’ hitting technique. She’s best when she simply allows her strength and timing to take over. That’s why we saw her get so many extra base hits this year.”

Behrle practiced a couple times a week, depending on how often the softball team had practices.

About tips for other softball players, Behrle said, “The more work you put into it, the more you get out of it. I got here by wanting it and being dedicated.”

Behrle was seen as an  inspiration by her fellow teammates. Allyson Peters, junior, said, “I’ve played with her on club teams outside of softball high school. Grace Behrle is a rockstar.”

Julia Love, junior, added,, “She (Behrle) always knows how to pick up her other players.”

Behrle has not yet decided where she plans to attend college but Mizzou is a possibility. She would prefer to go somewhere close to St. Louis. Behrle does not know if she will continue softball in college.

Gibson, who has seen Behrle play since fifth or sixth grade, said, “The biggest difference in Grace now, is her leadership; she has grown comfortable being a voice for the team and relentlessly encouraging her teammates.”

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