Camp Wyman is fun, learning experience

Eleanor Marshall
Podcast Editor

Wildwood’s woods in Missouri hold a paradise for middle schoolers and high schoolers alike. This paradise is Camp Wyman.

At 7 a.m., Camp Wyman is already as lively as ever.

Junior Emilee Killeen said, “Everyday we would wake up around 6:50, so my kids could shower and get ready for the day. Before every meal we would all sing camp songs, and everyone got really into them.”

Then it is time for fun.

“We would go to two activities a day for 2 1/2 hours for each one (like rock climbing, team bonding, water aquatics, etc).”

Junior Isabelle Blake enjoyed the activities.

“I loved all of the activities. We went on a night hike which was really cool. A lady told us stories and we crushed up mints so they would glow. I also loved the climbing wall. It was kind of scary though because I knew what I was doing and they didn’t and we were like 50 feet in the air. I liked making the soap and the apple dessert. Oh, and when we went fishing, one of my girls caught a fish and it was awesome. I loved all of it,” Blake said.

Then it is break time.

“The kids had field time in the middle of the day, which was the counselors’ favorite time because we got an hour break and got to go on our phones. We would have some cabin time with our kids to clean. Our cabins got ready for bed around 10,” Killeen said.

Despite a Thursday night fire, Killeen still loved her experience as a counselor.

“To be honest I didn’t really hate anything about Camp Wyman. If anything I wish the week could’ve ended differently. The girls are all still traumatized, and I wish they all could just have of had a better time. I liked the break I got from school, and my phone just to be in nature with a bunch of fun kids and get to know the counselors on a personal level. Also during break the counselors would gossip about the sixth grade drama, and it was always so entertaining,” Killeen said.

“I wanted to be a counselor because my experience as a fifth grader at camp wasn’t fun because my cabin counselor was mean, so I wanted kids to have a way better experience than I did. Being a counselor was way better than being a camper. I loved being in charge of kids and being a role model for them. I was so lucky to have amazing kids,” Killeen said.

Blake agreed.

“I loved my kids. All of my girls were friends in the cabin so they were all comfortable with each other. They listened to me and I was very happy with my connection with them,” Blake said.



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