Frazier from the Field: With Doria gone Webster left vulnerable


The football team rushes onto the field led by seniors Andrew Bistrow and Jason Tuckson without senior quarterback John Doria. Webster hosted Parkway South on Oct. 20, with a 24-14 Webster victory. Photo by Greg Frazier

Greg Frazier
Sports Columnist

Is the football team is going to win against Pattonville?

Yeah, maybe.

Senior John Doria is out because of a broken collarbone. That leaves open the quarterback position and since he was the top scorer with 48 total points, heretofore, there are some big cleats to fill.

The substituting quarterback is sophomore Enrique Quinones.

Doria got injured at the end of the fourth quarter on Oct. 13 against Summit. Summit was able to win over the Statesmen because of two close call decisions by the referees. Webster was within inches of the touchdown, which had it scored would’ve put the Statesmen ahead of Summit 27-26.

However, the referees’ decision put Webster just short of the victory; this devastated Webster fans and Doria.

After the Summit game, Webster lost a crucial game and a quarterback. It needed a victory.

On the first drive of the Parkway South game on Oct. 20. I was certain in the outcome of the game to be a Webster loss, by a notable difference. As the game progressed my prediction looked to be coming true.
Parkway scored in the second quarter by senior Laz Moore’s (19) pass to senior Nick Chandler. The first half ended with Parkway ahead by seven points, and Webster still at null.

Something must have happened in the locker room to warrant a complete swing in attack by the Statesmen as the third quarter yielded 14 points by Webster sophomore running back Jerqon Conners.

The game took a quick swing, and Webster now led over the Patriots.

Fourth quarter began with senior TJ Davis’s 27-yard field goal.The student section lit up because this game gave Davis more playtime than previous.

With Doria out, Davis stepped up and lead the after touchdown extra point(s) opportunity.

With a final effort by junior Patriot Ty Osbey to try and attack Webster’s lead with a touchdown, Webster closed out the game with a touchdown by senior wide receiver Jackson Tuckson.

The game ended 24-14, Webster win. My prediction was completely off, and the notable difference was between Webster and Parkway instead of Parkway to Webster.

Webster’s next game is tonight at Pattonville.


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