‘It’ movie delivers screams, laughs

Colin Shue
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Finn Wolfhard portrays Richie Tozier in the film “It.” Photo from Warner Bros. Pictures/TNS

It was horrifying; it was hilarious; it was incredible– it was “IT.” It has everyone screaming with fear and enjoyment. It’ll have anyone telling their friends: “You’ll float too.”

A new telling of a classic story by author Stephen King, the King of Horror, “IT” follows the Loser’s Club, a group of teenage misfits, investigating the mysterious disappearances of local children in the small, fictional town of Derry, ME.

A masterpiece from the vanity card to the credits, pay even the slightest bit of attention, there will be emotional investment in this film. Child acting can break or make a motion picture, and in this case, it absolutely does the latter.

Featuring “Stranger Things” star Finn Wolfhard, as well new faces joining the big screen, the Loser’s Club is one of the most memorable and touching group stories in the recent century. On top of the mystery gang thing they’ve got going on, they all have side plots and issues affecting their actions they need to combat. They’re personalities and story arcs mold together super well, resulting in tons of fun interactions, all made possible by their wonderful performances.

Spoiler alert : for anyone who hasn’t read a single review, seen a poster or watched a trailer, the antagonist is Pennywise, the dancing clown, previously portrayed by actor Tim Curry in the 1990 rendition of the book. However, the overall look of our new friend in white makeup has completely changed. Previously resembling more of a modern birthday clown, he now sports a 1600s rustic type costume and is portrayed by Swedish actor Bill Skarsgård. Part of the Skarsgård family entertainment powerhouse, his performance is no short of absolutely terrifying.

While special effects and film score definitely help, nothing beats the iconic Pennywise smile, as well as how he brings the character to life. Speaking of film score, it is such a nice breakaway from the more recent horror film soundtracks. It’s got melody and intent, and it’s not just all electronic nonsense.

This story has technically already been retold.  Many people have never read the book, as most attention spans are much shorter than 1,138 pages, but there is also the 1990 made-for-TV two part special. If anybody has already seen that and just expects the same, don’t.  The budget wasn’t there, and it was very bland at some parts, seeing as it was three hours long. The extended length of this was due to the back and forth story telling of the children in the Loser’s Club when they are younger and older. Director Andy Muschietti,, best known for directing the 2013 horror film “Mama,” takes it in a much simpler, though just as in-depth, direction.

“IT” receives 9 out of 10 red balloons and would definitely rank as one of the best Stephen King novel movie adaptations, if not horror movies of all time.

“IT” is rated R, for violence, gore, horror and language, though it all is necessary to tell the adventure it tells so well.

Opening weekend, “IT” made $123 million, giving it the third-largest opening weekend of 2017, only to be topped by “Beauty and the Beast” and “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.” Statistically, it is the biggest-ever September release, and it beat 1973’s “The Exorcist” in terms of lifetime domestic gross (as of right now it stands at $218 million) making it the biggest horror picture of all time.

A “Chapter 2” is already in the works and is set to follow the gang 27 years later, much like the 1990 adaptation.

“IT” is definitely worth the ticket, just be ready to avoid wells, sewers and balloons for weeks on end after.


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