Alumni office intern gets nod from Voss

Ashli Wagner
Video Editor

Kelly Komotos’s vast WGHS involvement includes an alumni office internship with Pat Voss. Photo provided by Kelly Komotos

Senior Kelly Komotos is a part of multiple clubs and activities throughout the school and local community.

Her senior year, she has been the design editor of yearbook, and she has had an internship with the alumni office, where she was the event planner for Black History Month, designing the display case outside senior entrance for the event. In the alumni office Komotos has created display cases and helped make the newsletter that the alumni office sends out twice a year.

“It has shown me a lot with our school and has educated me on the history of our school,” Komotos said about working in the office.

Komotos is also a social chair on DECA, a part of Amnesty International and the Feminist Coalition, and has worked with science teacher Jeannette Henckens and others to create an app called Sync as part of the Technovation female technology campaign.

“I definitely have worked really hard in the past four years of high school, and I do a lot for the school, and I think it would be cool to be honored for my hard work,” Komotos said about her Eagle Award nomination.

Alumni office administer Pat Voss nominated Komotos for the honor.

“It was a combination of working with someone so creative, so adult, so responsible, delightful, and someone so excited to learn,” Voss said. “This is a young lady with a lot to overcome to be successful here.”

Komotos is dyslexic, meaning she has difficulty reading and writing. She realized in elementary school that she couldn’t read and write easily, so she went to Churchill School for two years, which she says is a very “personal environment.”

“I’ve worked with a lot of kids who had handicaps, but Kelly’s approach to this was ‘This is something I have to live with; I have to learn to compensate for it, and I shouldn’t be asking for special treatment on this.’ And she believes that,” said Voss about Komotos’ resilience and determination.



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