First generation Nigerian American takes on WGHS

Abyana Botan
Entertainment Columnist

Nia Kaanagbara has only been on cheer for her senior year and says that it has made her last year wonderful. Photo courtesy of Nia Kaanagbara

Nia Kaanagbara, senior, is the first generation of Nigerian American in her family meaning that both of her parents were born in Nigeria, and she’s the first of her family be born and raised in America.

“Before I was exposed to school, I was raised in a very Nigerian way. They brought over the idea that education is the key to success, the food and music. Although I’m American, I feel like I can relate to Nigerians who actually grew up in Nigeria.”

Although Kaanagbara is undecided about which college she will attend, she plans to earn an undergraduate in biology and hopes to one day to become a dermatologist.

“The summer before freshmen year…my skin was horrible.” Kaanagbara explained. “I visited a dermatologist, and she really helped my skin. I just want to have the same impact on others as she had on me.”

Kaanagbara advised freshmen to start college hunting early and to definitely stay on top of things.

“I had a very good education here at Webster. The accelerated classes here gave me the opportunity to challenge myself,” Kaanagbara said. “It’s always good to challenge yourself.”

Dana Miller, assistant junior and JV cheer coach, described Kaanagbara as being responsible, socially aware and mature.

“She is definitely more spunky than last year,” Miller commented with laughter. “If she sees a slight change in someone, she’ll notice it immediately and ask them what’s wrong.”

“Senior year has been the best,” Kaanagbara said. “Joining cheer gave me an automatic friends and family. Going into cheer you don’t know anyone, and you’re exposed to an open environment.”

Kaanagbara said she loves thinking about the future because she knows that she’s going to do great things. She believes that if she’s passionate and driven about something, then she’s bound to succeed.

“My advice to anyone is to live in the moment and take each day as it comes.” Kaanagbara said.


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