Staff members to retire after school year

Evelyn Trampe
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Physical fittness teacher Ken Manwarring smiles, with senior Emily Parker during a women’s cross country fun practice at Eden Seminary.                       Photo by Harry Fu

After this school year, two faculty members will retire, health teacher Ken Manwarring and science teacher Margaret Skouby.
Manwarring has taught at Webster for 30 years and will miss many things about the school: “the community feel of the staff, the freedom to be myself while at the same time teaching the required curriculum, most of all the students and parents I’ve gotten to know over the year,” Manwarring said.

Manwarring has coached women’s cross country for the last 10 years; however, Manwarring plans to continue coaching the team after his retirement.

Sophomore cross country runner, Maddie Haug said, “I think [Manwarring’s] retirement will continue his passion for cross country and maintain good relationships with the team.”

Manwarring has high hopes for next year’s cross country team.

“Our cross country team has the ability to be very good next season, if we stay healthy. We also need to have a great summer of preparation in order to make that happen,” Manwarring said.

Although Manwarring will still be a part of the WGHS community through his coaching, he will still be missed as a teacher.
“I think of Manwarring as very quiet but friendly and always goes out of his way to say, “Hello” to me in the hall, and I will miss his humor and jokes during school,” Haug said.

Skouby also plans to be busy after retirement.

“I have several things in mind. The continuing education program through the community college has a lot of courses that I look at all the time, and (I think) ‘Oh, wouldn’t that be an interesting something to do.’ I still work a lot with my church, and I am a trustee for a camp here in the St. Louis area, so I will continue working with those groups. I just have a lot of projects, books to read, ways to keep busy,” Skouby said.

Science teacher Margaret Skouby sells Pop Tarts to junior Tierney Wiggins.
Photo by Evelyn Trampe

Sophomore Chris Kuse said Skouby will be missed by many.

“We’ve all enjoyed the presence of Ms. Skouby whether it’s been having her as a teacher or having the chance to buy a Pop Tart from her during passing period,” Kuse said.

Skouby graduated from Webster Groves High School in 1979 and has taught at WGHS for 21 years.

“I think it will be weird for me to be finally leaving Webster because once I started teaching I always had in the back of my mind I’d like to come back to Webster because that’s where I graduated from, and so this almost feels like I’m graduating again,” said Skouby.


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