Letter to the Editor: Residential students face unique challenges

Dear Editor,

Have you ever had to worry about catching a cab to school, or about setting up transportation just to stay after school for an extracurricular activity? In today’s society that’s not an issue most of us have, right?

Well, it’s normal for at least 1 percent of us in Webster Groves High School. The reason is because the 1 percent of us are in a residential.

This is a placement where you go and spend time if your family situation is not the best. You can stay short term or long term depending on your situation.

When you stay in residential, you wake up at 5 a.m. and go to bed when they tell you to. It usually depends on your age.

You stay in a house environment, and about 18 other kids stay with you there. You have a schedule of what times you get to go be active. This is called “rec time.”

Most of the kids at Webster are active on their own time, but when you’re in a residential, you don’t get to pick when you have fun.

The schedule also consists of what you eat. Most kids get to eat when they want, but the kids in a residential have set times to eat.
This is my routine every day.

Devon Melton

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