Veterans, beginners work together for spring production

Greg Frazier
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Sophomore Christian Ragain alongside others has never performed on a main stage before; however, he along with drama veterans will participate in the spring production, “Detective Story” on April 20, 21, and 22.

With seven weeks of rehearsing for the production, the drama department is still early in its preparation for the play. Assistant director, junior Hannah Leatherbarrow, said, “‘Detective Story’ is an engaging crime drama leaving the audience wanting more.”

This year’s spring production of “Detective Story” has cast “around 28-30 total characters” said Todd Schaefer.

The entire production has over 40 technicians and stagehands. The drama department is recreating the exact stage that was performed on Broadway.

Senior Jacob Nocè was originally cast for the lead, McLeod, but due to “outside priorities,” sophomore co-casting director Joe Castleman said, Nocè decided against acting as McLeod and in the production as a whole. The drama department had to recast for McLeod, and junior Logan Corzine is now the lead.

The “Detective Story” is among one of two productions that the drama department has put on this year.
The musical “The Little Mermaid” was the first one which was the fall production and was “more ambitious and required $3,000 for the rights from Disney,” drama teacher Sarah Romanowski said.

Monday, April 17, was the first dress rehearsal, April 18 is the second, and April 19, is the final dress rehearsal. Each lasts four hours with the last one to be determined.

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