Review: ’30 Rock’ still rocks

Evelyn Trampe
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“30 Rock” debuted in 2006 on NBC, and 10 years later the show is just as funny, and the references are still as relevant.

“30 Rock” is a comedic television show created by comedian Tina Fey. The show has a real “Saturday Night Live” (SNL) feel to it, which after doing some google-ing, is exactly what Fey was going for. In the 90s Fey was a writer and actress on “SNL,” where she was later able to take her experiences and create 30 Rock, a show about what happens behind the stage of a live sketch comedy TV show.

Not only is Fey a writer and the creator of “30 Rock,” but she also stars in it as Liz Lemon, the quirky head writer for the fictional TV show, “TGS with Tracy Jordan.”

According to, “Fey has received a Primetime Emmy Award, two Golden Globe Awards, four Screen Actors Guild Awards and a Television Critics Association Award for her performance [as Liz Lemon].”

However Fey is not the only big name tied to “30 Rock,” Alec Baldwin plays, Jack Donaghy, Lemon’s mentor and boss. Baldwin has received three Golden Globe awards, two Emmy Awards and Seven Screen Actors Guild Awards for his portrayal of Jack Donaghy.

One could go on about how brilliantly cast30 Rock” is, but that could take a while, with Jack McBrayer playing Kenneth the extremely dedicated page, Tracy Morgan as Tracy Jordan the rambunctious movie star, or Jane Krakowski as Jenna Maroney, an actress who constantly needs attention.

“30 Rock” is one of the best written TV shows out there; it’s filled with pop culture references, great guest stars, it’s relatable, sophisticated, heart warming and doesn’t necessarily follow the norms of other comedic TV shows like “The Office” or “Parks and Recreation.”

Overall “30 Rock” is well done, one could talk about the cast, the lighting, the script and or the directing, but at the end of the day you should watch“30 Rock” because it’s funny.

In 2013 the series finale aired on NBC, however not to worry, Netflix, Amazon Prime and iTunes have all seven seasons available.

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