1st-year French teacher comes to Webster

Alexicia Moore
Contributing Writer

French teacher Madeline Hauck meets with a student during fifth hour class to take a photo. Photo by Alexicia Moore

French teacher Madeline Hauck meets with a student during fifth hour class to take a photo. Photo by Alexicia Moore

Before French teacher Madeline Hauck started working at WGHS, she was a student teacher in the Ferguson STL District. Hauck graduated high school from Kirkwood High School and she graduated college at Truman State University.

This is Hauck’s first year being an official teacher. On a scale from one to five, five being the best, one being the worst, Miss Hauck loves her job at a four because every day is a new learning experience and she still has lots to learn so eventually that four will be a five. Hauck choose to teach French because she really enjoyed the subject and she said “when someone learns something new than what they were born with or born knowing, one is able to see life a whole new light or whole new way can get the different views that other people may see.”

Hauck likes to vacation out of the country, at beaches or great bodies of water, or all types of places when she’s not at school teaching. Specific places she’d like to visit are France, Europe, South America, Africa, and Madagascar. She has already visited France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, and many places in the U.S.

When Hauck is with her friends or family on a Friday evening, the movies they all watch would be “Elf.” Her favorite foods are desserts, but one thing about her is that she’s a vegetarian.

Hauck is better at learning languages than doing other things throughout life, and her favorite languages would probably be French and Spanish. She would like to lean more Spanish. When she was a child she would always dream to be an astronaut, a writer and a teacher. As Hauck grew older she was glad that she chose to be at least one of those that she wanted to be as a child.

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