Botan Beliefs: Students tell best places for hot chocolate

Abby Botan
Opinion Editor

Public domain photo from Wikimedia Commons.
Public domain photo from Wikimedia Commons.

Winter brings changes like weather, one’s clothing and most importantly, one’s cravings…for hot chocolate.

Even when the weather is close to freezing me to death, I know there’s something good to come out of it: that oh-so-good warm beverage.

The question is, “Who has the best hot chocolate?” If you ask me, I would definitely say homemade hot chocolate is best.
There’s nothing like being inside the comfort of your own home and making a good cup of hot chocolate, thanks to the Swiss Miss package, which costs no more than 12 cents a cup.

Mallory Pokorny, junior, said Starbucks has the best because it’s “rich” and has the “right amount of sweetness” to complement a snack you can easily buy for a reasonable price.

Starbucks hot chocolate costs $3.65 for a tall, $4.25 for a grande and $4.65 for a venti.

Starbucks also has lots of options for the Christmas season. Seasonal offerings include Peppermint Hot Chocolate and the Skinny Peppermint Hot Chocolate which both cost $3.75 for a tall, $4.55 for a grande and $4.75 for a venti.

Kacy Cryer, sophomore, said Saint Louis Bread Company has the best when it comes to hot chocolate.

“They put in chocolate chip marshmallows that melt and make it even more chocolatey,” Cryer said.

Saint Louis Bread Company’s hot chocolate with chocolate chip marshmallows only comes in medium and large cups. The medium costs $3.19, and the large costs $3.49.

Amalia Julien, junior, is also very fond of Saint Louis Bread Company’s hot chocolate.

“I haven’t been to a lot of places that serve hot chocolate, but I think the hot chocolate from Bread Co. is pretty good,” Julien said. “Hot chocolate can’t taste watery. It has to be kind of thick and rich in flavor because that’s when it’s just right.”

This winter season, we’ll all be enjoying nice, warm cups of hot chocolate just as we should.

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