DECA rings bells for Salvation Army

Page Kimzey
Contributing Writer


DECA members junior Cecilia Hogg, junior Haley Reinhardt, senior Cameron Thomas, junior Janie Eakle and junior Brady Slattery volunteer two hours to ring bells at the Schnucks on Big Bend Boulevard Nov. 7.

Annually, the Salvation Army provides volunteer opportunities to ring bells and collect money in the Red Kettles. The donations are used to help citizens in financial need.

This year, DECA joined the ranks of the nearly 100-year tradition by volunteering as bell ringers. One Saturday morning in November, DECA students went to Schnucks for a two-hour volunteer shift.

Junior Brady Slattery enjoyed the experience.

“It was a really cool experience. Like when you walk past it every year and go, ‘Oh God, not this time of the year’ or ‘Those darn bells again,’ but then when you do it for yourself, you have a new respect for the people who do it and a greater understanding for why they’re doing it,” Slattery said.

Not only did the experience of this volunteer opportunity help The Salvation Army’s organization, it also helped bring the DECA community together.

“I think it kinda helps bring DECA together, to do events like that. It’s really cool to be able to experience that with your peers and know you’re helping out for a good cause,” said senior Cameron Thomas, who was also a volunteer bell ringer.

The Salvation Army has over 25,000 volunteer bell ringers yearly. It is common for  volunteers to be stationed at grocery stores. Webster citizens usually find volunteers at Schnucks. Volunteer serve for a minimum of two hours, though four is usually encouraged.

The organization asks for volunteers 14 and older, but anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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