Gilbert, Divin crowned king, queen: Changes made to Winter Homecoming

Photo by Bret Waelterman Freshmen Elizabeth Gilstrap dances with Rick Smith at the Winter Homecoming on Jan. 25.
Photo by Bret Waelterman
Freshmen Elizabeth Gilstrap dances with Rick Smith at the Winter Homecoming on Jan. 25.

Brittany Patton
News/Opinion Editor

Seniors Nick Gilbert and Lexi Divin won the Senior King and Queen Homecoming Court on Jan. 25.

Other winners were juniors Cory Mack and Maeve Dolan, sophomores Ryan Gardiner and Lauren Krodinger and freshmen Seth Kimsey and Elizabeth Gilstrap.

Fewer than five years ago, the Sweetheart Dance was changed to Winter Homecoming.

“Many students thought that because it was called the ‘Sweetheart Dance’ that you had to go with your boyfriend/girlfriend or your sweetheart,” said student council sponsor Kristin Cole. “STUCO changed the name to accommodate students’ feelings about the dance. Then, other students began to complain because Webster didn’t have a Sweetheart Dance.”

“What people don’t realize is that you can still bring your Sweetheart to the Winter Homecoming,” said Cole.

Winter Homecoming was also called Winter Formal. “When we named it that, many people thought that you had to wear like a prom dresses to it because it’s called ‘formal,’” said senior and STUCO president Lauren Newsome.

Another change that Winter Homecoming has gone through is that STUCO tries to coordinate the date of the dance with when WGHS has a double header, where both the women’s and men’s basketball teams are having a game. This helps STUCO promote the dance

“We usually try to do it when we’re playing against Kirkwood,” said Cole about the dance scheduling.

Winter Homecoming is different from Friendship Dance because it allows every class to have a king and queen, whereas the Friendship Dance only allows seniors. Having all grades elect a king and queen gives underclassmen a reason to participate. Teachers choose two girls and two boys from each class to be nominated on court, and students choose.

The money made from Winter Homecoming went towards STUCO and 2015 prom. This year’s dance was  Jan. 25 in Roberts Gym from 8 p.m. – 11 p.m.. Ticket prices in advance were $10 then went to $12 on Jan. 23, and $15 on Jan. 24.

Two seniors’ names were pulled to win free prom tickets, although the students had to attend to be entered. No tickets were sold at the door.

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