WGHS celebrates 105th Spirit Week

Webster Groves High School lights the annual  bonfire at WGHS.(Photo by  Olivia Rosemann)
Webster Groves High School lights the annual bonfire at WGHS.
(Photo by Olivia Rosemann)

Moriah Boyce

Staff Writer

Spirit Week has been an important part of the Turkey Day history since the 1930s.

Spirit Week is how the students show their school spirit. Spirit Week at Webster consists of Theme Day, Tacky Day, Color Day, the Chillifest, the pep rally and, of course, the Turkey Day Game.

Kristin Cole, Student Council sponsor, said Spirit Week symbolizes “The whole school coming together to show spirit for Webster and a friendly rivalry with Kirkwood.”

Head Coach Clifford Ice said Spirit Week symbolizes the “Celebration of Turkey Day and showing school spirit.”

Theme Day, a fun way of showing support for the high school, was on Monday, Nov. 19. At both lunches, the famous Turkey Day bowling was played in the PV Commons. To play turkey bowling, players roll a frozen turkey at bowling pins. Whoever knocks down the most pins in 10 frames wins, just like in regular bowling.

Chelsie Fischer, junior, said, “I’m really looking forward to the whole school participating and showing their school spirit. It makes us more comfortable with each other and unifies us as a whole.”

Dana Sell, senior and student council president, said, “I love Spirit Week because it brings the whole school together since everyone is doing the same thing. It’s fun!”

The costume themes this year were: Seniors had retirement/Hawaiian vacation, juniors were jerseys, sophomores were Neon, and freshmen were Throwback 80s/90s “dress fresh.”

Cole reported her favorite theme day so far has been, “Seniors dressing up as senior citizens; they wore buttons saying, ‘Respect Your Elders.’”

The whole Student Council works for months in getting ready for Turkey Day and Spirit Week. Sell said student council works most of the year on Spirit Week.

Spirit Week was designed to get as many people involved in Turkey Day as possible.

Pat Voss said Spirit Week as students know it actually started about 15 years ago. Before then there were festivities like parades, the bonfire at Moss Field, skits performed in the auditorium by each class. The idea of Spirit Week dates back to the 1930s.

Emily Jackoway, sophomore, said, “I think it’s really fun, especially theme day because you can tell what grade everyone is in and they can celebrate their grade.”

The hall decorations themes this year are Disney Pixar Movies. The seniors have “Monsters Inc.,” juniors are “Finding Nemo,” sophomores are “The Incredibles,” and the freshmen are “Toy Story.”

Coach Ice said, “I enjoy the putting up of the hall decorations. I like seeing the show of spirit, and knowing the hard work that the student council put into it.”

Tacky Day was Tuesday, Nov. 20. Tacky Day is when the students come to school in “reversed” colors. Webster Groves students come in Kirkwood’s school colors, red and white, and Kirkwood students wear Webster Grove’s school colors.

Also on Tacky Day, or Reverse Color Day, is the DECA Bungee Challenge in the courtyard during both lunches.

Spirit Day was Nov. 21, and this is where students dress up in black and orange. During both lunches will be the Nationwide car smash in the courtyard. This is where students take turns beating an old car. During the assembly in Roberts Gym at 1:30 p.m. the famous tug of war took place.

The Chili Fest was Wednesday, Nov. 21, at 6 p.m. in the WGHS cafeteria. The Chilifest is a competition between Webster Groves restaurants and classes to see who can make the best chili. After the Chili Fest was the pep rally in Roberts Gym at 7 p.m. Then following the pep rally was the bonfire at Plymouth Field.

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