Webster cheerleaders prepare for Turkey Day

Alayna Bristow

Staff Writer

Junior Hayley Williamson does a stunt at the Nov. 5, game against Kirkwood High School.
(photo by Addie Conway)

Since August, the cheerleaders have practiced for the upcoming annual Turkey Day game.

Turkey Day has been a large part of Webster’s history, and part of that history is the cheerleaders. The cheerleaders perform at not only the game but during the school pep rally and at the bonfire.

At the pep rally, the cheerleader’s job is to get everyone involved.  They not only get students who perform in the rally to participate but also get the students in the crowd to cheer and pump up their school spirit. The pep rally includes cheers, a stunt routine, and of course the fight song.

The cheer coaches are entirely new, except for assistant coach Molly Clark. With no captain, the cheerleaders rely on their coaches to come up with fun cheers. With all three squads participating during the game, they look forward to pumping up the crowd and getting those cheers for the school and for the football players.

Being a cheerleader is hard work; not only do they have to perform in front of hundreds but they practice almost every day, including Sundays.

Every year cheerleaders must try-out, even if they’ve been on the squad for three years. At try-outs they must practice jumps, memorize a cheer and perform the fight song, all in preparation for what they’ll have to do if they make it.

“The cheers are hard work and are very technical,” assistant coach Molly Clark said.

People in the crowd appreciate all the hard work the cheerleaders do and their role in the football games.

Sophomore Jessica Oliphant said, “The cheerleaders are nice background school spirit.”

Exchange student Anais Rabelhofer said she is going to miss a lot of things when she goes back to Germany, especially the football games and the enthusiasm everyone has for them.

This enthusiasm is created by the entire school, and at the root of that enthusiasm is the school’s cheerleaders who come back every year to cheer on their team.

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