Edwards leaves large shoes to fill


Senior Perri Edwards particpates with the dance team during one of the 2011. (Photo from Tracy Edwards)

Addie Conway
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Perri Edwards has been involved in numerous activities throughout high school and leaves behind large shoes to fill.

Edwards has been involved with choir, house managing for the drama department, Student Council, Students for Awareness and Action for four years, a part of the Thespian troupe, dance team and Students for Allies for three years, Young Democrats and the William Mandel tutoring program for two years and High Step and a student officer for the Thespians for one year.

“She showed me how to be a good leader and always inspired me to do my best,” said Libbi Pacatte, junior captain. “She kept us thinking positively, and she always excited us with new chorography. There’s no possible way I can fill her shoes.”

She has also been the assistant sponsor of the Children’s Choir at her church and a part of the Elders Community for six year, along with various volunteer opportunities at her church.

“If you’re cross-involved, you learn more about the world you live in, yourself and how to make it a better place,” said Edwards on her numerous activities. “I became more aware of different cultures and different people, and I learned how to be an advocate for acceptance and diversity. I’ve never thought of myself as an inspiration to people, but people have called me a cartoon character before. I do what’s right, and I enjoy the moment. I just live.”

“Perri is very dependable, a hard worker and she was always upbeat and happy,” said Sarah Romonoski, drama teacher. “She was one of our best house managers we’ve ever had. She took Drama I and Advanced Drama with me, along with an Independent Study, with a focus on her college auditions. She worked really hard and has really grown. She’s become very confident and her talent has really grown and blossomed. She’s surer of what she wants to do and she’s really just a delightful person.”

Edwards has also received Renaissance awards for all four years of high school, a Top Hat award freshmen year, two Statesmen Awards courtesy of dance team and the KMOX/Southeast Missouri State University, Student of Achievement award. She also is an internationally recognized Honor Thespian, having received 60 points within her career.

“Perri really kept me on track,” said Keidra Pelloquin, dance team coach. “She was super organized, on top of everything and really helpful, especially because I was really thrown into coaching [this year]. Perri was dedicated to the team and to the betterment of the team. She really went out of her way to make sure I was comfortable, and she kept me cracking up.”

“I would say one of my top moments in high school was getting on the [dance] team my sophomore year,” said Edwards. “I had never taken a formal class before, and I had just gotten passed for sports after my surgery. I was so happy when I got on the team, and it has led to amazing opportunities and moments.”

Edwards will go to Southeast Missouri State in the fall and pursue a degree in both musical theatre and Spanish language and literature, with plans that if a theatre career doesn’t work, then she will have another degree to fall back on. Though Edwards has never been in a Webster Groves production, she has been involved with several other shows including “Hairspray” and “Little Shop of Horrors” at places like the Kirkwood-Crestwood Youth Theatre and Center of Creative Arts (COCA).

“I had two people who really influenced me throughout my high school career,” said Edwards. “My mom because she pushed me to be all that I can be and really encouraged me to try new things and get involved, while still pushing me to remain studious. Skyla [Yokley] is my best friend, and I couldn’t have made it through high school without her. She’s an amazing person, and she really supported me. She’s the big sister I never had.”

“Perri is inspirational because she’s a hard worker and she knows what she wants,” said Romonoski. “She’s a real role model because she’s a true example that you can still be involved in a department, even when you have so many obligations.”

“I would tell her to stay focused and to follow her passion because that will ultimately become her purpose,” said Pelloquin. “I truly appreciated her and I wish her best with her journey.”

“Cherish every day because every day is an adventure,” said Edwards. “You might miss out on something if you don’t.”

Senior Perri Edwards participates with dance team during one of the 2011 season football games.

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