Math teacher leaves the high school to peruse other opportunities

Lisa Basich loves to dance at the school dances. (Photo by Dr. Lee Drake)

Serenity Barron
Feature/Entertainment Editor

Math teacher and Key Club co-sponsor Lisa Basich has taught for four years at Webster Groves High School and will be leaving after the end of this year. She will be truly missed.

“I really enjoyed my four years here interacting with the students,” said Basich.

Basich loves to see students learn.

“I like watching students get excited about learning. I can see the physical change in their face when they get it,” said Basich.

Basich is invested in the students learning and well-being.

“Lisa connects well with her students.  She shows much enthusiasm when working with Key Club members,” said science teacher Lynette Hampton.

Basich is there through the students triumphs and struggles.

“The hardest thing is when they give up and quit and think they can’t do it,” said Bosich. Bosich encourages students to break through this wall and gives E-Bucks to students in the math department.

“I remember a particular situation when there was a student in the library who was upset about not understanding some math material for a test she had to take that day. Ms. Basich…stopped to help the student not only with her math difficulties, but also her anxiety. I was impressed by not only Ms. Basich’s willingness to help with the skills but to also put the young lady at ease,” said librarian Kathy Swanson.

Basich is always willing to help a student out when they are struggling.

 “I’ve grown tremendously with my profession, going overboard with what is required, but enjoying every minute of it,” said Basich.

Basich has been taking classes during the year to obtain a Master’s in Secondary Education.

“Obtaining a Master’s in Secondary Education has given me many extra tools that I can use successfully use to educate my students,” said Basich.

“I love being a student in a classroom. I relate to them [students] better; I understand and emphasize with having homework in multiple classes,” said Basich.

“I admire Lisa’s energy and drive…I will miss her positive attitude and energy.  It is contagious.  She greets her students at the door with a smile on her face,” said Hampton.

“I have enjoyed my contacts with Ms. Basich. She has been a very positive and upbeat person with whom to work with,” said Swanson.

Basich is going to continue teaching after she leaves Webster Groves High School.

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