Kerr leaves high school after years of memories

Senior Sara Kerr handles the ball at a game against Brentwood. Webster won the game 1-0. (Photo courtesy of Mark Wunderlich)

Samantha Brown
Web Editor

“I think that high school can be some of the best years if you choose to make it that way,” said senior Sara Kerr.  “It can give you some of your best friends.”
Kerr played field hockey, soccer and softball, and was in STUCO.  She was captain for both field hockey and soccer this season. 
“It was really fun to be involved in different things.  It forced me to branch out and find friends I wouldn’t talk to normally,” said Kerr.
Next year, she will attend Mizzou and major in education and minor in art history. 
“If I could change anything about high school, I know it sounds cliché, but it would be to not get sucked into the pointless drama.  Everything that seems like it matters now doesn’t,” Kerr said.
Kerr really enjoyed her time playing soccer.  She said she met a lot of her best friends from it.
“Some of my best memories came from the team,” Kerr added.  “I’m really close to the whole soccer team, but I have to say (senior) Annie Paloucek is one of my closest friends.  I’m even rooming with her at Mizzou.”
Kerr added some favorite memories from soccer were the out of town trips to places like Iowa, Oklahoma,and Colorado and an ice cream eating contest the soccer program has every year.
“Sara’s a really good sister, and I couldn’t ask for a better one, and she’s always there for me when I need her help, and she can always make me laugh ,and she always know how to make the mood better,” said Kerr’s sister, freshman Bonnie Kerr.  “I’m going to miss her a lot when she goes off to college next year!”
“My best high school experience was senior wars.  It really brings your friends and your entire grade closer together, and it sets things up for a fun senior year,” said Kerr. “I really liked my time at WGHS.  I wouldn’t change any of it.”

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