College counselors give advice to juniors, sophomores

Cristina Vasquez-Muniz

Around this time of the year, juniors (and sophomores alike) start to stress over college applications, their GPA and those much anticipated standardized tests.

Students have much to think about when choosing a college, and the sooner one starts planning the easier it will be in the long run.

“It’s good to start narrowing down a list of schools you’d like to visit,” said counselor Joe Hepfinger.

Sophomores should prepare for standardized tests by taking the Plan and PSAT, which they can take through the high school.

“A good idea for the summer is to do college camps and activities based on your interests,” said college and career counselor Marsha Dempsey.

Volunteering is an important thing colleges and universities look for, as Dempsey explained, “Colleges look for kids that can not only hold information, but can give backThat’s why volunteering is important in your high school career.”

“Use your summer and spring break to plan a family trip to a college. Scholarship associations like to see that you are getting out and finding things for yourself,” said Hepfinger.

Sophomores who took the Plan test recently received their scores, which included an “expected ACT range.” Those unhappy with their predicted score should take the ACT Prep class their junior year.

“This class can raise you’re ACT score by even four points,” said Dempsey. “That’s the difference between getting into a college and not.”



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