Student Election week comes to close

New class president junior Greg Wolk stands next to fellow new student council members juniors Bobbie Varghese, vice president, Elise Clote, public relations, Kameryn Turman, secretary, Emily Wunsch, treasurer, and Juan Johnson, historian. (Photo by Kevin Killeen)

Samantha Brown
Web Editor

“As president, I am hoping to run a more open and student-run office,” said newly elected president, junior Greg Wolk. “I plan on creating suggestion boxes, polling samples of students on certain issues and keeping in touch with the desires of students.”
For a week, students campaigned for officers, and they passed out pens, candy and flyers for the students vote.
Wolk won for president, junior Bobbie Varghese won for vice president, junior Emily Wunsch won for treasurer, junior Kameryn Truman won for secretary, junior Juan Johnson won for historian, and junior Elise Clote won for public relations.
“I am honored to have been selected VP and will do my very best in helping the president, as well as the student body,” said Varghese. “I think my opponent [Taylor Smith] did an amazing job campaigning, and she is a great asset to STUCO.”
“I highly respect my opponent, junior Sara Murphy. At the beginning of election week, she sent me a text message, and we started texting each other. Our text conversations even grew to multiple hour (real and even hilarious) conversations by the time Election Day was suddenly upon us,” said Wolk.
“It was nice to be able to talk to my opponent as a friend and even have actual conversations with her. We both care for Student Council a lot. I really do owe her a thank you for being a respectable and trustworthy opponent during this campaign,” Wolk said.
“I ran because I wanted to have a more influential position in student government and so I could help plan school events,” said Wunsch.
“I ran because I felt a strong desire to have more power in student government. I knew that if I was involved in running it, I would be able to incorporate the “student” in government and know STUCO is serving the school the best it can,” said Wolk. “I have always had this inner desire to want the best for everybody (even people who may not like me), and I knew that being president would allow for me to further satisfy this desire.”
All the candidates said they are grateful to those who voted for them and supported them through election week and are all much honored to have won.

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