Letter to the Editor: Article on leggings is step back for young women at WGHS

Since when is it acceptable for a school sponsored publication to call female students “tramps” or “trash?” These misogynist terms are just reinforcing the pervasive, negative stereotypes about women. Juniors in an American Literature and Advanced Composition class were deeply troubled by the casual use of the term. They spent an entire unit learning about feminism and how women in many societies are demonized and victimized by terms like these and as far as the dress code is concerned, when the boys pull up their pants (the ban has never been consistently enforced), then we will talk.
Melissa Rainey, Kristin Moore, Sophia Paone, Mary Noce, Aja Hornbeck, Ashleigh Jones, Myia Croft, Alex Klingseisen, Regine Johnson, Jacqueline Roberts, Mason Parker, Max Richardson, Christian Liebman, Tom Nieman, Dontrail Johnson, Keith Thomas, Ben Martin, Dakota Vassalli, Mike Romer, Burke Toeniskoetter, Courtney Jones, Alex Kutz, Lilly Bakker, Anthony Frazier, Amy Welker, Stephanie Whelan, Allyson Diederichsen, Alyssa Knight


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