Winter Formal change proves successful

Felisha Smith
Business/Ad Manager

Winter Formal, with a Winter Wonderland theme instead of the Sweetheart Dance, was Saturday, Jan 22.

Sweetheart Dance was switched to Winter Formal because student council thought more people would go because “there was pressure to bring a date” to the Sweetheart Dance said math teacher Kristin Cole. 

The Queen and King from the senior class were Lia Ashley and Kendal Shell.
Princesses and Princes were freshmen Taylor Crawford and Jesse Pinkner, sophomores Lindsey Jordan and Michael Gulve, and juniors Giovanna Mancuso and Rayshawn Simmons and Lia Ashley, Kendal Shell.

Valentine’s Day dances are classic, but the change was good to sell more tickets. We understand the reason for changing, and  we would rather go to the Winter Formal than a dance that is a reminder of being romantically unencumbered.

In the end the new plan worked: 405 tickets were sold, and 390 people went. Last year the sweetheart dance sold 285 tickets, and the year before sold 364.
The court was also changed to get more attendance. Teachers nominated two couples from each grade into the court, and students chose winning king and queen.

The idea for the court was interesting but made winning less special.
“I felt like there should have been only two winners from underclassmen that way it would be more special to win,” said senior Lia Ashley.

Another reason for having this dance is that the basketball team “needs something exciting as well. The football team has the friendship dance, Spirit Week and Turkey day,” said Cole.

The basketball team had a Spirit Week and the dance, but most people didn’t get into the Spirit Week because they felt it was silly to have two spirit weeks in one year.

“I don’t want to dress up again,” said senior Stephanie Lester.
It’s understandable the basketball team would feel left out. It doesn’t really have a big game like Turkey Day, which has gone on for decades. Still the basketball team did go to State last year and is having a great season, so maybe it deserves a dance.

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