Elementary girls to perform at basketball game

Cristina Vasquez-Muniz
News Editor

Annual Dance Team Clinic on Jan. 28, is open to girls ages four-12. Members of the WGHS Dance Team will teach the girls a dance routine to perform during halftime at the women’s Parkway West basketball game.

“Last year about 70 girls attended,” said dance team coach Karen Moehlman. “ We are hoping for an even larger group this year.”

The girls are divided into age groups. Each group has two or three of the dance team members in charge of the group.

“The groups pick a ‘team name’ and then play some fun dance games,” said Moehlman. Once all the young girls have arrived and gotten comfortable, the groups warm up and stretch. Each age group learns a short dance.”

All of the dances are different and are choreographed ahead of time by the dance team members. After a snack, the groups combine to learn a group dance and run through the half-time program.

During half-time, the girls perform alongside the WGHS Dance Team members.

“The clinic runs for just two hours before the game, so the girls have to learn their routines pretty quickly. They always do a great job, and the little ones are really cute and fun to watch,” said Moehlman.

The Annual Dance Team Clinic is also Dance Team’s most successful fundraiser. “The WGHS dance team is hoping to raise enough money this year to put towards either new uniforms or dance camp this summer. It’s our biggest fundraiser and always a great success,” Moehlman said.

“The WGHS dance team does a great job running this clinic and takes good care of the little dancers. All of the young girls have a wonderful time, and most girls come back every year and bring new friends,” said Moehlman.

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