Reader notes hat rule addresses only part of etiquette picture

For the past week, I have worn a hat to school. I took it off at the request of any teacher, although three of my seven teachers allowed it to be worn. When I wore it in the hallways or at lunch, no one instructed me to take off my hat for about a week.

One day during lunch, however (an adminstrator) instructed me to take off my hat. I did as I was told, but within a minute or so I placed the hat back on my head. At the time, I didn’t really see why hats were forbidden indoors, and no one else seemed to care.

A few minutes later, however, (the administrator) had come back and confiscated my hat. Almost immediately, I had seen the light. Now I realize the grave importance of good etiquette and now, walking through the school with a brand new look at things, I am appalled.

Sure, it’s still against the rules to wear a hat indoors, but other than that, there is no etiquette enforced! What kind of Statesmen are we if we have no manners, no class? It sickens me!

That is why I propose we revive the old English etiquette and bring our school out of this depraved state! Mandate the opening of doors for women! Suspend those who do not greet with bows and curtsies! Change lunch to tea time! If we truly value our education and want to be decent, classy people, we must implement these changes (and many others) at once!

-Krazy Karl (name held at request)

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