Gov. Jay Nixon

Governor Jay Nixon visits WGHS
Governor Jay Nixon speaks to students about playing football in high school after his talk on Sept .17, addressing the determination of Webster’s community to keep its schools good. (Photo by Addie Conway)

Addie Conway
Staff Writer

Governor Jay Nixon along with First Lady Georganne Nixon, visted WGHS on Sept. 17, to discuss what Governor Nixon called “Webster’s determination to keep their schools the best they can be.”

Webster Groves voters approved to do a $36 million zero tax rate increase bond issue and a 55 cent tax increase that would go towards teachers salaray’s on April 6. This also allowed Webster to recieve a $80 million in ecnomic stimulus funds for construction. The construction, which would last about three years, would end up creating at least 600 jobs and would make Webster an example of being a “green,” project for renevoting older public schools to being more evnivormentally friendly.

Governor Nixon, U.S. Representative Russ Carnahan and Congressional Director Jim McHugh along with other state and local leaders approved of providing the ecnomic stimulus funds, while at the same time, appluading the Webster Groves communites efforts to keep their schools currently up to date in both terms of buidling, acadmeics sports and so on.

Nixon also wanted to congratulate Webster’s determination to get all if not most, of students interested in furthering their education with either a two or four year college.

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