Construction to school causes some classes to move

Felisha Smith
Business Manager

Construction on the school will impact students’ everyday life. Parking will be changed. Some classes will be held at the church across the street. The auto-shop class will be held in the courtyard.

There will be a new parking lot added onto the junior parking lot. The field next to it is what is going to be used for the addition. The senior parking lot will be used for the staff parking lot.

The annex and the auto-shop building will be torn down. That means that the auto-shop classes will be held in the courtyard.

“The class with be different and harder to teach, but it will work” said the auto-shop teacher Frank Mandernach. That way they can pull up cars to work on.

The student will work in the covered area, and when it is below a certain temperature, the class will be taught in the PV commons.

Other classes will be in the church Christ Lutheran across the street.

Computer classes, some English, and some science will be held in the church.

“This will be hard when it is raining and snowing, but I think we can do it.” said principal Jon Clark.

Classes will be in Christ Lutheran around two years.

“Walking in the snow and stuff, they better make the passing periods longer,” said junior Stephanie Whelan.

Students in classes near the construction will find it a little harder to pay attention because of all the noise from the construction. Traffic before and after school might also be affected with the construction.

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