DECA brings back car smash for fundraiser

Karson Bluette
Contributing Writer

car smash
Senior Peter Hartmann picks out a vest to sell for his upcoming car smash event.

DECA will hold a car smash fundraiser Nov. 22, 5-6:30 p.m. The event is organized by students for the DECA trip to New York in January of 2024.

The event hasn’t been here in five years and is now making a comeback. The car smash entails people paying to demolish a car in the courtyard. It will be included in Turkey Day celebrations like the Chili Fest and the Turkey Day pep rally.

The students got the car from Webster Groves Auto. There will be different options of tools based on different prices.

Senior Finn Shannon, who is helping organize this event, said about the different prices of tools, “Depending on what you choose it’s going to be different. The sledge hammer is $7, baseball bat $5, and a crowbar is going to be $3.”

Senior Isaiah Simms, who is also helping organize the event, said the group is hoping to raise “upwards of $500 at least.”

Setting up the event presented some challenges. Senior Broderick Zarky said one of these challenges was, “getting sponsors and companies to donate money to us.”

Senior Devon Robinson said, “Getting a car was pretty hard and challenging, especially how we were gonna get it here and get it back.”

Senior Peter Hartmann said, “I think another challenge for us was getting everything in place, like letting administration get through and letting the Chili Fest people approve that as well, so I think all around was a pretty difficult time for us.”

The group has high hopes that this will be a successful event. Members also think it will be great for the community.

Hartmann highlighted the importance of the event, saying, “The car smash hasn’t been here for five years, so none of us, freshman to senior, have ever seen [it], so I think it’s a cool event to put on for us as seniors and for people around the community as well.”

The group hopes this event will have a good turnout and put on a good show. Planning for the event began on Aug. 29, and members are very excited to put it on.

The group’s marketing teacher Kathryn Laurentius has supported the group to make sure its event is successful.

“I’m excited for car smash because I think it’s a fun community event. I am looking forward to see how it all comes together, because the logistics and safety [are] very very challenging, but I’m excited to see all their hard work come together,” Laurentius said.

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