Nakatani sisters qualify for State

Margaret Oliphant
Video Editor

oliphantgolftennisSisters junior Cate Nakatani and freshman Meg Nakatani went to State for women’s golf and women’s tennis. Cate placed 35th overall, and women’s tennis team took home third place.

Both sisters have played sports since they were children. Their family has a love of sports, and the sisters have played multiple sports such as golf, tennis and soccer; however, they mostly focus on the sports they play with their team. While Cate did not always love golf, creating goals and becoming more competitive caused her love for the sport to grow.

“For me, going to State this year was really exciting because I barely missed the State cut last year. Being able to improve and qualify this year was a good accomplishment. As far as my sister, it has been really exciting to see her and her team do so well,” Cate said.

Cate stayed focused on shots and playing golf, rather than worrying about anyone else. During the off season, Cate made golf a priority by taking lessons and playing through tournaments over the summer. Cate set goals for herself with the biggest goal being going to State.

“I feel like sports, especially golf, teaches you a lot of life lessons, like patience and perseverance, and it has definitely made me mentally tougher,” Cate said.

Meg, on the other hand, has always had a love of tennis, both the feeling of playing and just being on the court.

“I just keep falling more in love with it,” Meg said.

Meg said it was unexpected to go to State as a freshman and that she couldn’t have done it without her doubles partner, junior Addison Simpson.

“It was really exciting because we were there with the whole team. It was nerve wracking, but overall a good experience,” Meg said.

While cheering each other on, the sisters have gained a deeper appreciation for their sisters’ hard work.

“It made me appreciate all of the hard work and seeing all of the hard work pay off,” Meg said.
Meg prepared with lots of practice, team dinners and keeping her spirits high.

According to Cate, the sisters have “some friendly competition.” Cate and Meg pushed each other to play the best they could as well as cheering for each other, celebrating wins and working through losses.

Meg said that because they are both athletes, they have a better understanding of the excitement of going to State.


Margaret Oliphant-Video Editor

This will be Margaret Oliphant’s first year on ECHO staff. She made several contributions while taking journalism class her junior year.

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