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Ali Schulz
Junior Editor

new counselor
Bianca Haghighi was an English teacher before becoming a counselor this year. Photo provided by Bianca Haghighi

Bianca Haghighi worked as an English teacher at the Hazelwood Opportunity Center for nine years before transferring to Webster Groves High School to become a new counselor for the 2023-24 school year.

Haghighi went to Lindenwood for College, where she got a Bachelor’s degree in English Education. She later started working at Hazelwood. According to the Hazelwood Opportunity Center website, their purposes are “to provide students options to address life situations so they can successfully graduate, improve the quality of alternate learning experiences, maximize partnerships, and improve the school environment.”

“I worked there because I loved the kids that I was able to work and interact with,” Haghighi said.

Haghighi chose to work in the English department because she had a special love for all literature, although audiobooks are her favorite. Although she enjoyed working at the Hazelwood Opportunity Center as an English teacher, she decided that she wanted something different.

Haghighi received her Masters degree from Lindenwood in School and Professional work in May of 2023. Haghighi said she believes there are a lot of similarities between teaching and counseling. This is ultimately why she decided to pursue a new counseling career. She then started applying to any place she could find that fit with this career. She received multiple offers, but ultimately decided on Webster.

“I chose Webster because it fit the community I wanted to be in,” Haghighi said.

Haghighi currently lives in North County, and even though she has no connection to Webster, she is excited to be here.

Haghighi said everyone has been welcoming and helpful so far. She is excited for this new opportunity, and looks forward to working with students.

“Webster is one of the few districts that I have seen continuously work to create community among all people here. There is a group or activity for all types of students,” Haghighi said.


Ali Schulz- Junior Editor

This will be Ali Schulz’s second year on ECHO Staff. She also made several contributions while taking journalism class her freshman year. She was opinion/news editor her first year on staff

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