Social studies teacher brings military experience

Thomas Sullivan
Contributing Writer

Social studies teacher Michael Weber goes over a textbook while lesson planning. Weber teaches AP and on-level U.S. history. “Today’s Lesson will cover the different regions of the British colonies.” Photo by Thomas Sullivan

Social studies teacher Michael Weber begins his first year at Webster after nearly two decades of teaching and an eight-year military career.

Weber served as an intelligence officer in the Marines for eight years before moving on to an educational career at Festus. Now that he’s at Webster, he hopes to implement his experiences and perspectives into the Veteran’s Day celebration. Weber hopes to eventually work on the military curriculum at Webster, imparting his knowledge to it.

Principal Dr. Irvin said about how he plans to utilize Weber’s military background, “While he does have those rich experiences that align with Veteran’s Day, his military experience and skills gained from service will have many applications.”

Along with his military background, Weber has led a seasoned career as a social studies teacher. He taught a wide range of classes at Festus. He started teaching world history to sophomores. He then spent a year teaching TV productions.

About why, Weber said, “They needed a person to teach the class, and I wanted a job so I took it. It was really cool. It was like a journalism class which was interesting to teach. Overall I enjoyed teaching that class.”

Weber’s peers spoke positively about him. Jon Petter, psychology teacher, said, “The kids really seem to like him a lot, which I love to hear. That’s the best barometer on a new guy if the kids are talking about him, and I really like him. He’s very nice and personable, and I’m excited to have him in the building.”

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