Willkommen in Deutschland: Softball player to study volcanos

Dakota Motley
Business Manager

Morgan (4)“I actually wanted to become an engineer before I wanted to study volcanoes, but I always thought that it wouldn’t have suited me,” graduate Morgan Lawrence said via email.

Lawrence has been studying abroad in Leipzig, Germany, since August of 2022. She applied to the Youth for Understanding organization on a whim one day, asking friends and family to review her application essay. She eventually received a full scholarship from them.

“I got the idea from a career book that mentioned becoming a meteorologist, and that’s where it hit me that I actually wanted to be a volcanologist,” Lawrence said via email.

Volcanology is the scientific study of volcanoes, and 26 colleges have a volcanology program or degree.

Lawrence will attend University of California-Sacramento and majoring in Earth Science.

“I took an online earth science course during my sophomore year of high school, and I think that piqued my interest in geology,” Lawrence said via email.

Lawrence has been playing softball since kindergarten and once she got to high school she started playing on JV and Varsity teams, but she, like every senior, high school experience came to an abrupt stop in March 2020.

“I’ve only really been in school for like a year and a half because of COVID, virtual, one year in person and then study abroad,” Lawrence said via email.

About what she’s going to miss about the school, Lawrence said, “Well, since I never got to experience a traditional senior year of high school, I’d probably just say the school spirit and the activities. Like pep rallies, prom, graduation.”

Lawrence is excited to start college and start her independence back in the United States. She will return in late June, and then start her college journey this fall.


Dakota Motley- Business Manager

This will be Dakota Motley’s first year on ECHO staff. They also made several contributions while taking journalism class their junior year.

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