Violinist to continue music endeavors at SIUE

Jacob Riefle
Contributing Writer

YukiGraduate Yuki Ishiyama has always had a chipper presence around the school. Whether in class right before a test, or at an orchestra concert, Ishiyama will always have a smile on his face.

Following his orchestra background, Ishiyama will attend Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, where he will study music education.

Ishiyama has been involved in numerous clubs and organizations throughout his tenure at Webster Groves High School.

“I was a part of the orchestra and the APIDA Group, which is the Asian community for Webster Groves High School,” Ishiyama said.

APIDA, or the Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Club, is a school club where Asian American students can get together as a community.

“By being involved in APIDA, I was able to do many debates about Asian hate, and the hate crimes that happen all around the world, and do our best to eliminate Asian hate as much as possible in the high school,” Ishiyama said.

“Our goal is to keep expanding onto that so that one day, hopefully, there will no longer be Asian hate crimes,” Ishyama said.

Being in so many different clubs allowed Ishiyama to reflect on himself and how his involvement affected him.

“Doing that (APIDA) made me more aware, made me think more about myself,” Ishiyama said.

“In orchestra, by being part of the group and working with everyone, I learned teamwork. I learned to support each other, and to grow, not just me as a person, but to grow as a whole group,” Ishiyama said.

Ishiyama advised incoming students, “Most importantly, don’t slack off… My freshman year, I slacked off and I regret it so much. Just keep up on your schoolwork, and make new friends, I say.”

Ishiyama was adamant about making new friends, saying it “really helped me socialize a lot,” and “it gives you a better idea of high school.”

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