Artist to pursue passion at Art Institute of Chicago

Jack Gleckler
Contributing Writer

Clara Art
“Bargaining,” 2022. Photo provided by Clara Bittle

Graduate Clara Bittle’s extraordinary art work has led her to attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Bittle, who began her serious art endeavors as a freshman, has since produced a broad catalog of works ranging from acrylics, to pencil drawings, to charcoal and plaster molds. To Bittle, art is her means of expression.

Bittle said, “I see life so differently as an artist. I can see the beauty in just about anything and anyone. I take my emotions and turn them into visuals to help other people feel connected and inspired. Anyone can be an artist.”

Clara Photo
Photo provided by Clara Bittle

Despite the exciting years on the horizon for Bittle, leaving high school isbittersweet. Bittle said something she’s going to miss is “the feeling of being a kid.”

Bittle explained that after she graduates, “Nobody is going to call you ‘sweetie,’ or hold your hand every step of the way. You’re on your own and you start having the responsibilities of being an adult.”

While graduating does bring on reminiscing feelings, these do not; however, inhibit Bittle’s excitement for what’s to come. Bittle explained her anticipation for “the opportunities to discover new passions, meet new people, and travel.”

Bittle said, “As an artist, the world is my inspiration, and the world is about to get so much bigger.”

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