Eagle Award nominee: Editor-in-chief leaves mark on WGHS

Ellie Halls
Contributing Writer

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Photo by Danny Reise

Starting her journalism career four years ago, Lydia Urice has won over nine Missouri Interscholastic Journalism Association awards.

From news features to photography, she has racked up quite the collection of awards in her short time at the high school.

Urice’s first position on the Echo staff was podcast editor her sophomore year.

“I really didn’t like having my voice recorded,” Urice said.

As a senior, Urice has now found her calling in the news room. “I kind of like being in charge. As a person my leadership style is more laid back and collaborative. More, let’s get this done together, but if I need to push you in a certain direction, I will.”

Not only is Urice involved in the Echo, she is also president of the Asian Pacific Islander Desi American club. Urice joined back during her freshmen year.

“She came by my classroom in August, the second day of school and wanted to know what plan we were putting in place to make sure we were fostering new leadership for APIDA,” social studies department head Betty Roberts said.

“Her organization skills, her desire to do extremely well at everything that she does also helps her create that organization that a group like APIDA needs,” Roberts said.

Urice has no doubt stayed busy during her time at WGHS. About her awards and recognition, “Let me just send you my resume” was the answer.

Urice is a member of the National Honors Society, Quill and Scroll International Honorary Society and has previously been involved in the Missouri Scholars Academy and the French National Honors Society. She recently received the National Scholastic Press Association Leadership Award as well.

“Lydia’s leadership is probably among the top students I’ve taught here in the last 25 years. She is very proactive. She gives 120 for whatever it is,” Roberts said.

About what Urice would do differently in high school, she said, “I would have started taking pictures my freshman year. I didn’t really take pictures as a journalism student because I didn’t know it was open to me. I just thought it was a thing staffers did.”

Urice will attend St. Olaf College in the fall.

“Community, classes, small liberal arts, 3,000 undergrad” were Urice’s deciding factors. Her major is undecided, but she is interested in the sociology and anthropology program.

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