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Owen Crews
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Josie B
Photo provided by Josie Buescher

Going into a modeling career isn’t for the faint of heart, but that is the post-high school plan for senior Josie Buescher, even though that was not in the plans Buescher had for after graduation.

“I’m not planning on going to college in the fall. Instead, I’m going into the modeling industry. I have always thought of myself as a school-driven person, and I have always planned to go to college, so it is definitely a change for me, but I’m excited,” Buescher said via email.

There are also plans to travel for her future career and really extend her opportunities to other places.

“I’m hoping to go to New York or an overseas market during the next few years,” Buescher added.

Buescher also noted the amount of time this job could take up her time and often causes her to miss school.

“I work out every day and meal prep healthier options for myself. It does get hard when I have a day of school, then straight to a five-hour shift, (Crazy Bowls and Wraps) and after still needing to work out and do all of my homework. I also still want to see my friends and have fun since it’s my senior year so time management can be hard,” Buescher said via email.

Buescher also chose to do this right out of school because of the type of industry it is and the cool aspects that come with it.

“I love the environment of going to shoots or fittings for shows. It’s nice to be around all the other girls, and it is so cool to be exposed to so many creative people and their work. What solidified my desire to pursue it is that the career only lasts around 10 years so I would need to do it now,” Buescher said via email.

Not only is it a career dealing with the business and their fashion, Buescher also expressed that her job was about being able to hang with the other models and being more confident.

“Modeling has helped me with self-confidence a ton, and it has pushed me to be more outward and involved at school. It’s also cool because I have met girls from all over the country that I’m now friends with.”

Last but not least, Buescher gave (via email) some advice about future models.

“For future models, I would say be patient. A lot of modeling, before you’re 18 or still in high school, is being patient and working on yourself. A big part of modeling is also embracing what makes you different rather than trying to look the same as someone else, so be confident in what separates you from others.”


Owen Crews- Sports Editor

This will be Owen Crews’ first year on ECHO staff, but he made several contributions while taking journalism class his sophomore year.

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