Flood in FACS leaves teachers rethinking rest of school year

Roxanne Flood
Contributing writer

The FACS room pictured on March 21 after flooding over spring break. The leak also affected the men’s locker room. Photo by Roxanne Flood

Flooding in the FACS room, on March 21, over spring break the Family and Consumer Sciences room flooded due to a pipe leak from pipe maintenance on the third floor. The leak also went into the men’s locker room.

The FACS room had water covering the carpet and water actively running through the ceiling. Maintenance has gotten all materials that were dried out and removed from the department. The next step is to re-insulate ductwork and prepare areas to receive new ceiling and floor tiles.

Baking and pastry arts teacher Matthew Lehmann was in shock when he first came in, with the sudden change. He said he was “straining to come up with lesson plans that still let the students have fun.”

Lehmann’s students have been overall accepting but still disappointed about not getting what was shown. They’re now doing alternative assignments to the ones planned for the year that don’t involve the equipment that they no longer have access to. Some of the assignments being no-bake cookie dough, mug cakes and setting up outdoor grills outside to bake and cook with cast iron skillets.

FACS teacher Alissa Griffing’s class has been relocated again after the first week of the flood happening, now being in the old Statesmen Center instead of sharing a space.

FACS teacher Amie Shea has said that it made her realize how much of the department is experiential learning, with her also having to rethink all of her lessons. About when they think the FACS area will be open, Shea answered “Looks like the fall…..we would love it if it was this year, but the extent of the damages, I don’t think that is realistic.”

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