Festival shows off student-made films

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Seniors Jacob Riefle, Noah Weihl, Luca Giordano and Jack Eveker host the second annual Reel Film Festival on Sat. April 1. Photo by Ruby Coalier

Reel Film Club has been working on its own films since the beginning of the year. The result: a festival featuring student made films.

The Reel Film Festival was held April 1, in the Jerry R. Knight Auditorium at 7 p.m.
“Whole festival is great, I love how the films really reflect everyone; how everyone’s got their style,” Reel Film Club president Luca Giordano said.

Giordano was glad that each film shown at the festival showcased a different director’s style.
Senior Jack Eveker, actor in “Minesweeper,” and junior Katherine Ragain believed the turn out for the festival was an improvement from last year’s.

“The turnout was crazy; everyone was having fun, it was… honestly I thought it was better than last year,” Eveker said.

Ragain said, “It was even better than last year…it’s really fun especially when you don’t really like, like I didn’t know what a lot of the films were going to be like, so that was my favorite part, was just seeing what everyone had created over the course of the year.”

In reality, although the actors are very important to these films, a lot of the credit can be given to the directors.
“What I really enjoyed was every director’s got their feel which I really like; everybody’s got a style. I like how Casey’s (Drilingas) are experimental, and he’ll play around with editing and audio and stuff like that. I like how artistic and the camera movement on Saroya’s (Williams) films and on Nessa’s (Schroeder) films are really nice,” Giordano said.

Junior Saroya Williams found parts of her film style in her films, and even her humor.

“One of the movies I made was a comedy movie, and it was about the mafia, so it had nothing to do with me, but I could see parts of my humor coming out. The movie I’m making now, kinda reflects me, just cause the style and like camera work and the jokes,” Williams said.

For junior Frances Baken she noticed that smaller details captured bits of who she is rather than the main theme for her films.

Baken said, ¨The plots of my movies weren’t very similar to my life, because they were pretty unrealistic, but the overall way that the characters talk, and I think the smaller things like that, did reflect me a bit and some of the jokes we made.¨

Giordano believes his films are a place to put energy into, that isn’t something like his job, but a more self fulfilling outlet.

¨Honestly, I make these films because I do like to show them to other people and be a part of stuff, but I really do them for myself. I feel like I can’t run without some sort of creative drive behind myself and so these films give me like a thing to look forward to and a sort of outlet for my creativity, when work or school is not fulfilling that need,¨ Giordano said.

Junior Vanessa Schroeder reflected on how film making is the perfect way to express an idea rather than something just objective.

“The expression is like you have a vision and then you want to convey that vision, and I think that’s easiest done through film, cause that’s like actual people, rather than drawings or something,” Schroeder said.
Directing is important for the films because it is most of the structure that maps out the film and makes sure that the process still stays collaborative with the actors.

“It’s really interesting, to like be the person in charge of everything. It’s really fun to work with a group. I really like making my own ideas come to life, it’s so fun and that’s why I want to go into film in college,” Williams said.

¨I didn’t really know what all went into a film or what I was doing, and so it was really fun to be the director with like no experience, because I just really kind of plunged into it,¨ Baken said.

This is Baken’s first year in the club, so she got to learn the different aspects of making a movie, along with her co-director junior Sydney Arrandale.

Filmmaking is overall a creative art that can introduce people to new concepts, people’s inner thoughts and bring collaboration between friends and students.

“At the end of the day, this is your friends who are a part of this club; this is like your classmates. If you don’t know much about them, then you can see their films. You can see what they’re like proud of,” Giordano said.

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