Music helps students cope with stress

Owen Crews
Sports Editor

dena and jo music
Senior Deanna Stallman draws a still life in Drawing and Painting. Photo by Owen Crews

Students have a connection between their mood and the music they listen to, to help them deal with school.

Senior Jack Lewis said, “Music really takes people to a place of comfort. Like when I am sad, I like to play rock because it brings up my emotions.”

Senior Branyon Heard agreed, “Music makes me have different emotions about it. Sometimes I am in my feels, and sometimes I am getting pumped up and feeling good, so the music just acquaints feelings.”

Senior Addy Harrison said, “Music doesn’t help me study, and I usually get distracted by it, but I am always listening to music in the car. That helps me focus instead of drifting off.”

Some students also have differing artists.

Heard said, “I am a broad listener. I listen to a bunch of different people. I listen to rock, country, rap, all of the shebang. I am enjoying Tee Grizzly right now. I also listen to IShowSpeed. He has some pretty good songs. It’s a way to vibe out.”

Senior Jack Eveker said, “ Depending on (which part of) the year I go through different phases of music, and that kind of represents my mood throughout the year. Let’s say as it is getting closer to finals, and I am getting more stressed, I try to listen to more relaxing music, so I don’t really come back to the same person. I listen to music, and it helps me focus in school.”

Freshman Brayden Fisk said, “Music can help me stay calm and help impact my life in a good way. When I am stressed, I can put in my AirPods and listen to music, then I’m good.”

Music can also help with other things.

Lewis added, “It gets me in a good mood. I am listening to NBAyoungboy, and it gets me every time… When I am about to go and play soccer and be ready to get in my zone, I love to listen to the Weekend, and it gets me pumped up.”

Some students also have some artists they return to.

Fisk added, “I would say J Cole. I would say one type of music, and that’s really it.”
Harrison added, “Always been a die-hard Shawn Mendes fan. Any Hannah Montana throwbacks are good songs, but I am not super picky about music.”

Eveker added, “And the harder school gets I listen to music. I feel like music can help you if you can’t think of anything else or are in a bad spot. I think music is a good resort to go to, and like anything else like movies or TV it is a good distracter as well as a good thing to relate to like a song it can help you go through something and cope and have less stress in your life.”

Featured Graphic: Junior Teuana Logan reads in the library while listening to music.
Photo by Izzy Poole


Owen Crews- Sports Editor

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