Students open up about how New Year’s resolutions affect them mentally

Sam Klein
Podcast Editor

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“New Year, New Me.”

It’s a common phrase used by people when the clock strikes midnight on Jan. 1. Some people take it seriously and set a goal for themselves like to have at least B’s in all their classes, some forget about their resolution within the first week, and others simply don’t come up with one.

On New Year’s resolutions junior Louis Getz said, “I don’t think it’s a lot of pressure just ‘cause like it’s something you set yourself; no ones holding it to you.”

Getz didn’t have a New Year’s resolution, but he said that he doesn’t find them to be a bad thing, and when he was younger, he used to set them. “It’s a self goal, trying to self improve.”

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Art by Tania Perez Landeiro

Senior Barker’s New Year’s resolution is to get all their homework in on time and not stress themselves out by pushing it to the last minute.

“Most of the pressure would come from myself. I am a pro at putting way too much pressure on myself,” Barker said about the pressure of New Year’s resolutions.

“I think it [New Year’s resolutions] can be [toxic] if you get too hung up on the ‘oh this is the only time of the year when I can make a new resolution or this is the only time of the year I can change, so if I mess up now then I’m messed up for the whole year’ but I think if you keep in mind that it’s just a day then it can be good,” Barker said,

Completing a New Year’s resolution is a goal for most who set them. Barker said they have completed a New Year’s resolution before. “I was going to try to figure out how many words I have read that year, and I managed to figure out that it’s around 24 million.”

New Year’s represents a fresh start for most people and Barker is no different. “I think it can be, for me personally this year not so much.”

Featured Graphic art by Tania Perez Landeiro


Sam Klein- Podcast Editor

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