Concerning amount of lead found in water from 12 faucets at the high school

Faucet in teacher lounge is blocked off by out of service sign. Photo by Lydia Urice

On Jan. 17, at 7:40 p.m. an email was sent to Webster Groves School District parents concerning lead levels in the water.

The email, signed by superintendent John Simpson, stated that each water source at every building was tested between Dec. 22, and Dec. 30, 2022.

At the high school, 12 of the 99 faucets had a concerning amount of lead. By law, action is required if the lead concentration reaches five parts per billion (ppb) or higher. Five ppb is equal to about five micrograms per liter. The US Environmental Protection Plan Agency recommends action at 15 ppb or higher.

The following list contains further details on the 12 faucets and their lead-to-water concentration.

Room 334F Faucet – 19.4 ppb
Room 334G Faucet- 91.0 ppb
Room 324 Faucet – 8.6 ppb
Room 318 Faucet – 34.0 ppb
Room 228C Faucet – 5.5 ppb
Room 228B Faucet – 8.1 ppb
Room 126 Faucet – 33.2 ppb
Room 126 Lab Faucet – 23.3 ppb
Ala Carte Serving Area – 6.7 ppb
Room 157 Faucet – 8.7 ppb
Kitchen Spray Nozzle – 12.3 ppb
Kitchen Faucet – 6.2 ppb

Faucet in FACS department is blocked off by out of service sign. Photo by Lydia Urice

Simpson stated that the district has already begun work with an outside company to resolve this problem. If any questions arise, Simpson advises community members to contact

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