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Harry Styles and Florence Pugh pose as Jack and Alice. Photo from

“Don’t Worry Darling,” released Sept. 23, is a psychological thriller, involving mind tricks that leave the audience wondering. Produced by Warner Bros, the movie has large expectations from the public and the industry.

The film is set in the 1950s and surrounds a couple, Jack (Grammy winner Harry Styles) and Alice (Florence Pugh, “Midsommer”). The couple is a part of “the victory project,” an artificial society made to be perfect. Every day the men in the society go to work while the women stay home, cook, clean and follow other 1950s stereotypes.

The men are not allowed to disclose what their work is to their wives. All that the women know is that it is a very important project that is going to change the world. Life seems perfect to these people as they live in the victory project society, although they are not allowed to leave. Alice begins to experience unusual and terrifying visions, causing her to suspect something. The end of the story is a brilliantly done surprise and shock.

“Don’t Worry Darling” was produced by Olivia Wilde, who also stars as Bunny in the film. This was not her first time producing, as she also produced “Booksmart” (2019). This film is a must-see as it has many unexpected twists and turns, making the audience question what is real and what is not. While at the theater, auditory gasps were heard by the end of the film. “Don’t Worry Darling” has made $86.7 million in the box office, was rated 6.2/10 by IMD and was given a 74% or 3.9/5 by rotten tomatoes.

“Don’t Worry Darling” is still in theaters today, with tickets running at about $14. It is also available to watch on HBO Max. The film is rated R due to sexual content, violence and language. “Don’t Worry Darling” has a running time of two hours-three minutes, captivating the audience the whole time.

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