Which Elementary School is Best?

Dakota Motley
Business Manager

Ali Schulz
Opinion/News Editor

While opinions clash on different fronts, one of the main arguments is which elementary school is the best.

Students at this school tend to judge others on what elementary school they went to.
The district has six elementary schools: Hudson, Edgar, Clark, Bristol, Avery and Givens (formerly the Computer School). They each have unique characteristics that some find interesting and others just find weird.

“I loved Edgar. The teachers were great, the environment was great, and everyone was really friendly,” senior Addie Harrison said.

Senior Arctic Grosvenor from Hudson had similar opinions, “Hudson was honestly really nice because the classes were really small and so it was like a community because I know it was one of the smallest of the bunch.”

While Grosvenor and Harrison had common opinions of their elementary schools junior Andrew Brown had a different take on his elementary school.

“Avery was alright, like I liked it at the time, but I also think that it has some bigger flaws…First off the kids at Avery are crazy. I don’t know if you can account that to the school or not. I didn’t realize that until I got put into a room with a bunch of other Avery kids, and we started talking about our experience. That it was like, ‘Holy crap, a lot of stuff happened at Avery.’ teachers putting in rules where kids can’t touch each other, or making people sit in boy/girl order,” Brown said.

Senior Ellie Keegan said, “Clark was nice. Because it was small, it was like a community. It was just a big community and a very small school. The teachers were really nice, and I feel like everyone worked together,” which is close to what another teen from Bristol Elementary said.

“I thought Bristol was a pretty good school. I don’t really remember it that much, I just remember it was from kindergarten to fifth grade, but I mean there were obviously some issues to work on. Such as, being a bit more inclusive with things,” senior Lizzie Nieman said.

The elementary schools had many positive aspects, but they also have issues that need to be addressed. Students had different experiences at their schools, making everyone’s opinion on the best elementary school different.


Dakota Motley- Business Manager

This will be Dakota Motley’s first year on ECHO staff. They also made several contributions while taking journalism class their junior year.


Ali Schulz- Opinion/News Editor

This will be Ali Schulz’s first year on ECHO staff, but she made several contributions while taking journalism class her freshman year.

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